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Pankey's Store( The La Grange General Store )  The La Grange General Store, 20 Main Street, dates back to the early 1890s and was well-known as a La Grange landmark along Hwy 57 and Main Street as Pankey's Store. C. L. Pankey sold the store to his brother, Cornell, and ownership remained in the family for several generations with the last family owners being Mr. & Mrs. Lebert Baker of "Chantilly." The store provides a flashback of rural country-store life when cotton was king and large, surrounding plantations depended on La Grange merchants to feed and supply the thriving community. The store is filled with these memories of the early 1890s through 1950s, and visitors are invited to come spend time with us around the store and hoop cheese wheel. Although the Store is not open on a regular schedule, your personal visit and party/wedding plans can be arranged by contacting The La Grange Inn.